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About Puggy82Neil Stewart, who moved from Britain to Tauranga, New Zealand in mid-2008, first captured online tournament headlines when he chopped the PartyPoker May Madness $1 Million Guaranteed event for $109,000. In October '08, Neil won the PokerRoom ChampionChip Final $117,600 and also also has a $125,000 cash from his 5th place effort in the Titan Poker $2.5 Million Guaranteed from March '09.

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  • To MET or not to MET….
    Written by 707 Comments
    Last Updated: November 9, 2012
    To MET or not to MET….
    After 16 months of uncertainty Full Tilt has reopened its doors. Aside from the obvious benefits of millions of dollars being restored to players’ accounts and online poker clawing back a little credibility, we can now also look forward to those fantastic games Full Tilt were famous for: Multi ent...
  • Balancing Shmalancing
    Written by 286 Comments
    Last Updated: March 26, 2012
    Balancing Shmalancing
    When I make a decision on any given street in any given hand it is almost always as if it is in a vacuum. In general there is no need to balance in MTTs, or perhaps more accurately; any balancing that is required is done naturally. When faced against any player when I am value betting a hand I ask m...
  • Play a hand with me
    Written by 219 Comments
    Last Updated: October 12, 2011
    Play a hand with me
    Play a hand with me: Ipoker $100r Tuesday 100/200 no ante. Hero (btn): 7800 Villain (bb): 13500 The villain in the hand is Schappuska – regular across all sites, aggro thinking player, plays all the high buy ins on stars. No direct history on this nick, and I’d be surprised if he has any other r...
  • Black Friday
    Written by 204 Comments
    Last Updated: April 21, 2011
    Black Friday
    On Friday 15th April the FBI seized the “dot com” domain names of the three largest players in the American online poker market. Pokerstars, Fullt Tilt Poker and Ultimate Bet moved to ban real money players from the United States due to an indictment for the sites owners’. It is alleged that t...