Allies back on track!

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    Last Updated: July 6, 2012

    After a fairly quiet few weeks for the Allies, things were back to normal this week, with almost all the players having chances to go deep.
    When times are hard, a leader will often take this opportunity to show others the way and this weekend was no exception as The Visionary showed his players the way with a great run in the Ongame Champion Chip. However, with around 30 left, he thought it may not be his night, after he raise/called with A9 but saw it come in 2nd to his opponents KJ, leaving him with very few chips, lying in 29th position. He hung in and hung in though and got a double up to put him in a better spot and then got a real break, winning a 3 way all in, to triple up when his KK held against QQ and A4, which put him right back in the mix lying 10/25. After this the tournament seemed to start opening up for NeilMc, very soon after making quads to take the chip lead with 20 players left! He then won a smallish pot when his TT got there v QQ and he got to the final table 1/10 and it remained that way for at least half an hour too until they finally got a ladder to take them to 9 handed. Unfortunately at this point he lost the chip lead (just) to the guy on his left, which was not ideal, so he had to rein his play in slightly. The chip lead was his again very shortly after this though when he made a very close call with AJs to be up against AQo but when his opponent flopped a Q, he looked dead and buried, however a J on the turn and then another on the river, sent his opponent to the rail and NeilMc all the chips! After this the action turned to more of his fellow players as NeilMc took somewhat of a back seat with player after player being sent to the rail and eventually with 4 players left NeilMc was in 3rd spot. Unfortunately, this was where his run would come to an end, even with the 1st and 2nd stacks going to war a lot; Neil got in to an all in situation with 88 and couldn’t win his vital flip to bust in 4th place for $10k.
    The other final tablists this week for the Allies were Fett, Sufur and Puggy, Fett in the Microgaming major, Sufur in the 20 cubed on Stars and Puggy in the Party 20k.
    Fett was the first one to hit the final table and with his stranglehold over Microgaming, it seemed inevitable that we would be talking about another win. However, it wasn’t to be the case this time as he was knocked out in 7th place for €2.4k.
    Puggy was the next to reach his final table and he, like NeilMc, was chip leader going in to the final table, this time of the Party 20k. He, like NeilMc, wasn’t able to take full advantage of his bigger chip stack and lost a fairly big hand early on and from then on it was an uphill struggle, eventually losing A7s to KJ, taking 5th place for $2k. He also had deep runs in two of the $500 tournaments on the day, on both Party and Stars only to bubble both final tables, but signs are good for him in the coming weeks so watch this space!
    Sufur’s FT, which had around $9k for the win, unfortunately followed pretty much the same pattern as the other two Allies runs. He also went in to the final table in a decent position but wasn’t able to capitalise on it and unfortunately fell at pretty much the first hurdle, 4 betting an opponent who had been playing at him quite frequently, with air, only to find that his opponent had it….again…..and couldn’t quite get there.


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