Close, but no Cigar!

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    Last Updated: June 27, 2012

    After a couple of weeks without much action the Allies were relying on two of their ‘International’ players for results this week, in the form of Sufur and Ahurazor.

    Sufur enjoyed yet another deep run in an Ongame tournament this week, but unfortunately fell agonisingly short of the big money places, taking a solid 20th place. The hand that broke his rhythm deep in this one, was raise/calling a 16bb shove, after opening from late position with KQs and not being able to get there vs the SB’s AQ. This put him on or around 10bb’s and with this short stack couldn’t get there for a double up when he shoved J9s from mid.

    He wasn’t finished there though and his other deep run this Sunday came in the new iPoker Highroller 5k added, where he finished 3rd for $4.5k. He went in to the final table as the chip leader and it remained this way until it was down to 5 handed. He then lost a big 3bet pot, where he turned two pair but ended up losing to a better, flopped two pair. With another couple of players being knocked out, he eventually raise/called off 20bb’s with KJ, only to find that he was dominated by his opponents AJ and was sent to the rail in 3rd.

    With the Canadian Sufur guiding the way, it was time for the Aussie to show his metal and Ahurazor did just that, also finishing 3rd in an iPoker tournament, this time the 109 freezeout and having a deep run in the Champion Chip too. The third in iPoker won him $1.5k, but he was unable to come back from the chip deficit he had and third was as far as he could go. He couldn’t quite out do the Canadian in the Champion Chip, his deep run ending with him in 40th place.

    However his main focus of the evening I’m sure, was the PokerStars Sunday Million. When a player has a deep run in that tournament, most other tournaments, however professional a player is, tend to fade in to the back ground, due to the sheer volume of money that is being played for. Fortunately for Ahurazor most of his other games were long finished by the time this started to become deep, so he was able to give it his full attention.
    His assault on the 5000 + player tournament was steady to begin with, but his progress was helped out a great deal in the mid stages when he got a decent stroke of luck. He re-shoved with 66 and 30bb’s from late/mid only to be cold called in later position by AA. However when the flop brought a 6 and then the turn brought another, it didn’t really matter that the river brought his opponent the ace for his Aces full, to take Ahurazor in to the top 5 and give him a great opportunity to use his stack to his advantage.
    He was able to boss certain tables with his chip advantage but the deeper the Million get’s the more ‘real’ everything becomes and the play does start to become slightly cagey and with around 50 left, this certainly was the case. He unfortunately lost a 40bb pot with AQss, when he 3 bet the villain who flatted oout of position. The flop came low, with 2 spades and his opponent just open shoved, Ahurazor made the call but the board bricked out and his opponents 99 held up.
    The final hand of his Million run was an AK re-shove for 21-22bb’s, with his opponent making the call and holding in the race with 88, with Ahurazor falling agonizingly short in 33rd place.

    A solid weekend for the Allies and it’s nice to see some deep run’s in some big tournaments again after a couple of weeks in the wilderness! This has been followed up in the early part of this week with some very good results again, with Ahurazor shipping the Party $7.5k for ~ $3k and Puggy having multiple deep runs with a plethora of 3rd place finishes off the back of some decent ‘day’ results last week!

    All of the above bodes well for the Allies in the near future, with the hope that they can take advantage of the obvious drop in ‘pro’s’ during the WSOP schedule….gl gl!