Leaderboard race hots up!

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    Last Updated: February 28, 2012

    Puggy82 gets back on the MatchBall trail, hot on the heels of Beej and Fett, after shipping his 2nd last week. His three wins came on Microgaming and iPoker, shipping the €110 10k and the 20r 10k on Micro and then the $109 15k on iPoker.

    The first of his three wins came in the €110 10k. He took a big chiplead when they got to shorthanded play after one of his opponents called a 3 bet oop with 87s and check/shoved the turn with middle pair in to Puggy’s top set. Heads up play came and went in the blink of an eye when Puggy flopped bottom two pair on a A J 4 board, getting it in vs A6 and holding for the win.
    His 2nd win came in the much loved 20r aka the FettMax. He found that at least 2 players along the way wanted to give him 100bb’s each, which he gratefully accepted making the win that much easier and more enjoyable too!
    His final win came in the iPoker 15k, where he had a big chiplead from 15 left and with 8 left he had half the chips in play! With 5 left, one of his opponents trebled, knocking 2 players out in the process and they were down to 3 handed. Then a very strange occurrence happened, William Hill’s site (part of the iPoker network) went down for maintenance and one of the players was disconnected. This meant that Puggy was heads up but that his opponent had the button 2 out of 3 times. Obviously this was a fairly strange dynamic and one in which Puggy had to be quite cautious. His opponent took advantage of this fairly well, but with the disconnected player having 40bb’s it took a while for him to blind down and get to Heads up play. Once there Puggy was a 2-1 underdog but quickly doubled, 3 betting JJ pre, check calling a very small flop bet on a Q 3 5 board, then calling 2 further streets, with his opponent showing J10 high for a complete bluff. Puggy then proceeded to bulldoze his opponent, winning practically every pot, ending the tournament by floating two streets with J10 on a Q 9 x x board, rivering a K for his straight and getting paid off by his opponents Q9……gg and ship the MatchBall for cumulative winnings of over 12k!

    Fett increased his MatchBall tally to 4 this week and his lead on the leaderboard to 1 after shipping the Canadian 50, Party 30d turbo and the Micro 5k s/h.
    His great start to 2012 rumbles on as does his march on the MatchBall leaderboard and his wins collected him ~ $7k. Great stuff by both, but who will be the next to mount an assault on the MatchBall leaderboard!?


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